Q. What is the difference between Cal gel, gel nails and manicure?

【Gel nails】
Gel nails are a synthetic resin like a honey.
They are irradiated with an ultraviolet ray to solidify these.
Gel nails have many merits, for instance, clear finish, and high adhesiveness to the nail to last for two to four weeks.
Recently, a lot of makers are developing and selling custom gel nails abroad as well as in Japan.

【Cal gel】
Cal gel is a gel nail that is used in this shop.
It is the product name of custom gel nails of MOGA BROOK.
Less breakage because of Calgel’s flexibility, even after it is cured.
Cal gel are designed to be as harmless as possible, and less damage to natural nails because of their flexibility.

【Manicure (Polish)】
Manicure is a nail polish that adhere to about one weeks.
We recommend it when you want to enjoy nail arts a few day.