Q. What is the difference between Cal gel, gel nails and manicure?

【Gel nails】
Gel nails are a synthetic resin like a honey.
They are irradiated with an ultraviolet ray to solidify these.
Gel nails have many merits, for instance, clear finish, and high adhesiveness to the nail to last for two to four weeks.
Recently, a lot of makers are developing and selling custom gel nails abroad as well as in Japan.

【Cal gel】
Cal gel is a gel nail that is used in this shop.
It is the product name of custom gel nails of MOGA BROOK.
Less breakage because of Calgel’s flexibility, even after it is cured.
Cal gel are designed to be as harmless as possible, and less damage to natural nails because of their flexibility.

【Manicure (Polish)】
Manicure is a nail polish that adhere to about one weeks.
We recommend it when you want to enjoy nail arts a few day.

Q. Is “Calgel” necessary to do home maintenance?

We apply the topcoat that is able to keep the good condition of your gel nails while three to four weeks.

So nothing needs to be done if there is not something that you mind it.
(Please apply top coat when your nail color is dulling.)

Q. How much is the cost to get gel nails?

On average, it costs about 8000 to 9000 yen in the case of hand gel nails. (exclusive of tax) (10 nails)
Please check this page as for more information concerning a fee.

Q. Can I use a credit card?

VISA / Master / JCB

You can use six kinds of credit cards above. Please feel free to ask us if you want to pay by it.

Q.Is there need to reserve your shop?

It depends on the day, but we can show you soon when we have a vacant seat.
Please do confirmation about the availavle on the phone.


Q.It looks like I am late.

Please call up when you’ll probably be late more than fifteen minutes for the scheduled time of the reservation.
And if you want to change the time more than thirty minutes, you will get only a limited number of nail design or change the reservation date.

I’m sorry, but we must refuse your reservation if you’ll have the cancellations without notice.

Q.How long does it take?

Nail-care and manicure takes thirty to fifty minutes.
It takes one hour and a half to two hours in the case of gel nails.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a request about a finish time.

Q. Can I get gel nails on short nails?

We recommend cut short of natural nails when apply gel nails. The reason is because nails grow long.
We make a proposal of nail design for only your short nails.

We will support to provide nail-art at maximum beauty inherited from natural nails.

Q.Is gel nails damage to natural nails?

Cal gel’s motto is “kind to nails”.
Some of gel nails are caused damage to the finger nails but we will carefully apply the gel nails that keep the damage to a minimum.

Please enjoy nail art without a feeling of insecurity.

Q.How do I decide the design of nails?

Thank you for visit to our shop.
We have many sample of the nail art. So, you can decide the nail design out of those.
Please bring the photo of the nail design if you have a image.

Please feel free to ask anything even if you have not any image of nails.

Q.When should we remove (or repair) a gel nail?

Please come to the shop again an average of three to four weeks after in order to remove or repair a gel nail.
(However, that differs depending on your work & life style.)
Please register your E-mail address to the following when let me know if you’d like to receive an email guide to remove your gel nails.

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Q.Can I visit to your shop with my children?

Yes, you can do it because we have a waiting space near the nail table that are some toys.
But it takes two hours to apply a gel nails.
So please refrain from coming with small children.

Q. 男性の来店・メンズケアの施術も可能ですか?

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